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Help - Getting Started

The original drag and drop, digital plant tag app for organizing your gardens.

1. Getting Started...

Getting started with the Garden Organizer app is simple. When you open the app from your home screen, the app splash page appears for a few seconds. After the splash screen, you will arrive at the Main Menu section.



2. Main Menu


3. My Gardens...Adding a Garden

You will see that when you first arrive at the My Gardens section that it is empty. This is because we have not loaded any garden data yet. To get started, simply tap on the "+" icon in the upper right corner, then select "New Garden".

You will also notice another button to the left of the "+" button action_button. This is the Action button which allows you to take certain action with you garden data once recorded such as:

For now, let's get started by adding a garden by tapping on the "New Garden" from the "+" menu.