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Adding a Garden

Adding a Garden - My Gardens


You will see that when you first arrive at the My Gardens section that it is empty. This is because we have not loaded any garden data yet. To get started, simply tap on the "+" icon in the upper right corner, then select "New Garden".

You will also notice another button to the left of the "+" button action_button. This is the Action button which allows you to take certain action with you garden data once recorded such as:

For now, let's get started by adding a garden by tapping on the "New Garden" from the "+" menu.

To Add a New Garden...

1. Tap on the action_button button from the My Gardens page. You will arrive at a screen that looks like this:


2. Enter the garden title and select a photo from you camera roll or take a photo using your camera.


Example above illustrates title being added.


Example above illustrates photo being being added.

Once you have added your garden title and photo, tap SAVE located in the top, right corner.

The result will look like this:


If you tap on the green arrow to the right, you will enter the garden page as illustarted below.


The garden is made up of 2 different sections: PLANT TAGS and PHOTOS. The Plant Tags represent the plant photos and data that your record and the photos section allows you to take the plant tags and drag them onto the photos for marking. Now that you have a garden created, let's add some plant tags!



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Adding Plant Tags

Adding a Plant Tag starts within a garden. So, first we need to select a garden, in this case we will select the garden called, "Backyard". If you have not created a garden yet, please see the Adding a Garden section.


1. Once you tap into the garden you have selected, you will see a screen that looks like this:


2. Notice how we are in the Garden called, "Backyard. The garden is divided into two sections: Plant Tags and Photos. Plant tags are visual records of the plants in your garden the you have recorded. They contain a photo, title and description. The Photos section allows you to add photos using your camera or camera roll. You can then drag and drop a plant tag onto a photo and save it. For now, let's add a plant tag by tapping the action_button button in the top, right corner.


3.Tapping on the action_button button brings up a new plant tag screen. Here, you can tap "Set Image" to select a photofrom your camera roll or take a photo. You can also tap on "Tag Name" to give your plant a title and finally, you can type in notes about your plant in the "Tag Descriotion and Notes" section. Once you have entered in all of your desired information, tap SAVE. That's it! You have now created your first Plant Tag! Continue here to Add a Tag to Photo.



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Getting Started


Getting started with the Garden Organizer app is simple. When you open the app from your home screen, the app splash page appears for a few seconds. After the splash screen, you will arrive at the Main Menu section.

Main Menu


The figure above represents the Main Menu.

Here, you have the following options:

  • Access "My Gardens"
  • Access "My Wish List"
  • Take Photo

In addition, there is a "+" button located at the top right corner of the screen. Tapping on this screen allows you to access:

  • About: A description of the app
  • Help: The Garden Organizer help page for support
  • Feedback: An email link to provide us with feedback, comment or questions
  • Cancel: Makes the "+" menu disappear

For now, let's get started by adding a garden by tapping on the "My Gardens" tag...


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Add a Photo, Tag a Photo

To tag a photo, you need to add a photo to you garden. This is done by accessing a garden that you have created and tapping on the PHOTOS section.


In the example above, the garden does not contain any photos. To add a photo, simply tap the "+" in the top, right corner. Here, you will be presented with an option to choose a photo from your camera roll library, Photo Stream or to take a photo using your camera.


In the example below, we have selected a photo from our camera roll library:


Simply tap on the photo you wish to add a plant tag to and you will be presented with an interactive drag and drop plant tag screen:


This screen within Photos allows you to drag the white plant tag icon (located at the bottom, left corner) onto the photo and assign a plant tag. When the icon is dropped onto the photo, you will be prompted to make a plant tag selection from the respective garden. Once you have selected the desired plant tag, you will see a screen that looks like this:


Simply click OK and you will return to your photo. Tap on SAVE to store your work,

PLEASE NOTE: You must SAVE any and all plant tags you assign to a photo.

To remove a plant tag from a photo: drag the icon off the photo and tap SAVE.

To print your photo with all the associated plant tags: Tap the PRINT button in the lower right hand corner of the PHOTO page.

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Help and Support

We are always here for you! If you have a comment or question or are having issues, please feel free to contact support at the following email address:


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